• January 19, 2021

TCN Podcast Episode 1: Meet Your Hosts

TCN Podcast Episode 1: Meet Your Hosts

TCN Podcast Episode 1: Meet Your Hosts 1024 576 Samantha Green

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Culture Niche Podcast brought to you by Brand Enchanting Media and hosted by Nichelle Pace and Robby Berthume. Nichelle and Robby will be interviewing leaders and visionaries to explore the intersection of culture and creativity, spanning technology, media, advertising, and marketing. The creators and leadership at BE Media are committed to elevating all voices and raising awareness in an era of social justice around critical issues such as civil rights, diversity and inclusion, environmental justice, human rights, and more.

BE Media President, Nichelle Pace states:

Culture around the world is the lifeblood of the human experience. The never-ending ebb and flow of communication throughout history and rapid sharing of information in the digital age creates a phenomenon in which culture is continuously being shaped and re-shaped from generation to generation. In the many hats I wear in life as a marketer, media professional, mother, entrepreneur, community advocate, and as a person of color, I am constantly intrigued and curious about the many facets and intersections of culture (good, bad, or ugly), and how those unique traits manifest into our individual and collective impact on society at large.

From aha moments to actionable advice, the mission of The Culture Niche is to help people and brands embrace their culture and the culture around them to succeed in a society that’s constantly shifting. With a focus on evolving the meaning of “multicultural marketing” in advertising, as we are a multicultural nation at our core. The conversations on the TCN podcast will aim to help the U.S. marketing and advertising industry to elevate our mindset to a place where “general market” IS multicultural marketing in practice without segmentation. General market must evolve to be inclusive and culturally competent marketing. We invite you to join us on this journey into the next frontier of advertising, marketing, and creativity. Meet your hosts, Nichelle and Robby as they share their backgrounds and discuss the new podcast and future guests.
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