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Welcome to The Culture Niche

The Culture Niche is the creative content hub for Brand Enchanting Media where you will find agency news, staff inspiration, curated culturally-themed articles, and our monthly podcast. The Culture Niche podcast is hosted by Founder & CEO Nichelle Pace and our VP of Sales & Marketing Robby Berthume for marketers and leaders who want to build culturally relevant and responsible brands.

On each episode of the podcast, we interview leaders and visionaries to explore the intersection of culture and creativity, spanning technology, media, marketing and entertainment in an era of social responsibility, diversity and inclusion. From aha moments to actionable advice, our mission is to help brands embrace their culture and the culture around them to succeed in a society that’s constantly shifting.


Nichelle Pace ,President,
BE Media

Nichelle Pace, President and Founder of Brand Enchanting Media and, is a media and creative arts professional with 20+ years of film/video production, lifestyle marketing, traditional and digital advertising. Nichelle has been a purpose driven leader, centered in diversity, equity and inclusion and has lead domestic and global consumer brand clients across integrated, digital and social marketing efforts in boutique and large agencies from New York to Chicago.

Robby Berthume, VP of Sales & Marketing, BE Media

Robby Berthume is the VP of Sales & Marketing at BE Media and co-host of The Culture Niche. He started his first agency at 14 and named to Top Twenty in Their 20s by the LA Business Journal in 2009. He has judged numerous marketing and advertising awards, has appeared on numerous podcasts including Business Rockstars and Mixergy, and has been published over 100 times including on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fox News, Fortune, Success, HuffPost, Mashable, Influencive, TNW, and more. Robby is a father of three obsessed with culture, marketing and mental health.


E-mail Robby Berthume at with the topic(s) you’d like to cover (please keep it relevant to the show) and your brief bio/background. We are looking for bold voices, disruptors, change agents, influencers and thought leaders on the intersection of creativity, culture, diversity, social responsibility, technology and media, as it relates to brands and marketers.